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What does Beta mean for Android in 2023r2?

We’re calling Android support in Xojo 2023r2 “Beta”. We’ve used this term before, but why are we using it now?

Android is a unique platform and required a large number of brand new parts of Xojo to bring it to you in a way that follows recommended platform guidelines. These include a new:

  • Compilation process
  • Debugging bridge
  • Framework

All of these pieces are important to make Android support work, and we’ve worked hard to make developing for Android as easy as possible. But these pieces are all brand new, at the same time, in the same release- so we want to be up-front that you may see some things you haven’t seen before with other targets.

When you run an Android project with debugging, for now you’ll see a small “Android Debugging Bridge” window while you do so- you don’t need to interact with it at all, but if you have debugging problems and file an Issue we may ask you some things about what it says.

It is possible you may run into an error message that you’ve encountered an internal Android compilation error- if you do, just follow the instructions and create an Issue with your project attached. We’ll do our best to help you workaround the issue and get it fixed in a future release.

We’ll drop the “Beta” label on Android support once we feel this heads-up is no longer necessary for most users.

With all of this said, we’ve already successfully put Android apps built with Xojo up in the Play Store, and so have many of our pre-release testers! There’s so much you can do now with Android support in 2023r2, and we’re excited to see what you create! More Xojo Blog posts demonstrating what you can do with Xojo Android.

Travis got started with computers as a kid with a TI-99/4A. He moved on to the original Macintosh when it was released and has been programming ever since. He’s been using Xojo in various ways since v3 back in 2001. When not programming he’s usually found playing around with VR, music, games, or watching a good show.