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Resources for Xojo Android Projects

Now that Xojo can build apps for Android, let’s help you get started on your first Xojo Android project! Whether you’re already developing mobile apps or new to mobile development, getting started with Xojo is quick and easy with these resources.

Create your Xojo account, download Xojo and begin to bring your mobile app to life. Launch Xojo and begin with the Android Quickstart and Android Tutorial. These two will walk you through creating your first Android app with the Xojo programming language. If you prefer video, we have a number of videos detailing the ins and outs of Android you can find in this playlist. When you are ready for more, the Xojo programming blog already has multiple posts about Xojo Android.

If you are already developing mobile apps in Xojo for iOS, we have some resources for you too. This PDF details the differences (and limitations) between iOS and Android. Please reference this document for the most up to date details.

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