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Xojo for Students

Xojo is a programming language and development environment for creating cross-platform applications for macOS, Windows and Linux from whatever computer you use – Mac, Windows or Linux. You can also create web, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi apps with Xojo. To empower students, Xojo has partnered with GitHub to offer Xojo Pro to all students in the GitHub Student Developer Pack. In addition to Xojo, the Pack includes tons of free tools to help students expand their technical knowledge and learn new skills.

Students looking to begin their journey into programming choose Xojo for its ease of use and dedication to cross-platform development. Plus, Xojo is true rapid app development and is ideal for building prototypes and mockups really fast. All of these features benefit from Xojo’s OOP-focus. Xojo also has an active and helpful community and years worth of free, on-line resources.

Ease of Use from App Design to Build

Xojo is known for its user-friendly and visual development environment. It employs a drag-and-drop interface, which can be helpful for students who are new to programming and those who want to rapidly prototype software without delving into complex coding. Xojo is efficient, featuring a streamlined development process and extensive feature set, you can create applications fast without sacrificing quality or functionality. Xojo is based on object-oriented programming principles. Learning OOP through Xojo can provide students with a solid foundation in programming concepts that are widely applicable in the software development industry.

Multiplatform Development for Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile, & web

Xojo is incredibly versatile. Whether you’re interested in desktop, mobile, or web application development, you can built it with Xojo. With its cross-platform capabilities, you can even build applications that run on multiple platforms from a single code-base. This can be particularly valuable for students working on a MacBook but needing app for a Windows machine or vice-versa. Write your app once and compile it for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Rapid Application Development for Prototypes and Mockups

Xojo is designed for rapid application development (RAD), making it an ideal choice for students who need to create functional applications quickly. Students can use Xojo to build practical, real-world applications. This hands-on experience can be valuable for learning and demonstrating software development skills, especially for those working on the design and usability aspects of software development.

Community and Resources

Xojo has an active community and offers resources, including documentation, tutorials, and forums. Students can benefit from this support when learning and troubleshooting. With an active and friendly community of developers, top-notch support team and extensive documentation and tutorials, you’ll always have the help and resources you need to succeed. Learn at your own pace, and have access to the support you need to overcome challenges along the way.

No matter why you choose Xojo, whether for its simplicity, cross-platform capabilities, rapid development or community and resources, Xojo is a valuable tool for learning programming and software development concepts. Xojo is a great place to start when building or looking to expand your development toolkit.