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Webinar Follow-Up: Using Xojo to Develop NetSuite iOS Apps

Last week, I presented the second in a series of Xojo / NetSuite webinars, Using Xojo to Develop NetSuite iOS Apps. You can watch that webinar here. During the webinar, I demonstrated a Xojo-based iOS mobile app that integrates with NetSuite. This blog post is a follow-up to the webinar.

Downloading the Xojo Project

The Xojo project that I demonstrated can be downloaded here. In the zip file, you’ll find the Xojo project file and a “Readme” file. The Readme file includes step-by-step instructions on setting up SuiteTalk REST, a custom NetSuite role, an integration record, and more.

The SuiteQL Query

During the webinar, I spent some time discussing the SuiteQL query that’s used to lookup items based on the keywords that a user enters. I mentioned that there’s a lot of variation between NetSuite instances, both in terms of how they’re configured and customized. That makes NetSuite development both challenging and interesting.

As a result of the variation between NetSuite instances, you may need to modify the SuiteQL query based on how your NetSuite instance is configured. In the Xojo project, you’ll find that the query is stored as a constant named “SuiteQLQuery,” and it’s an attribute of the ListView screen.

The query uses the REGEXP_LIKE condition, which I discussed recently in this blog post. If you’re not already familiar with REGEXP_LIKE, then you might want to read up on it. Also, in the query I’m using the TO_CHAR function to format the “first column Base Price” as currency. Specifically, in the query, you’ll see this: TO_CHAR ( COALESCE( MAX( Price ), 0 ), ‘fmL99G999D00’ ). If you’d like to learn more about the TO_CHAR function and the format model modifiers that it supports, visit:

Our Next Webinar

Our next Xojo / NetSuite webinar will be held on Thursday, February 22nd at 1PM CT (US). I’ll demonstrate how you can use Xojo to develop a Web app that integrates with NetSuite. To signup, please visit Xojo’s Webinar page. And finally, I want to thank everyone that attended the webinar, as well as Geoff and the entire Xojo team for the opportunity to present.

Tim Dietrich develops custom software for businesses that are running on NetSuite. He makes extensive use of Xojo to develop mobile, desktop, Web apps, and more – all of which integrate seamlessly with NetSuite. To learn more, visit: