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2023: Thank You

2023 has been an eventful year for Xojo, full of firsts. In reviewing all that Xojo accomplished this year and what made it all possible, the common thread is you, the Xojo community. Because of that, Xojo would like to end 2023 thanking the amazing Xojo community. Thank you for meeting us in London, for renewing your license, for using Xojo Cloud, for sharing Xojo with your colleagues and friends, for filing cases in Issues, for troubleshooting, and for sharing your expertise on the Xojo Forums. Xojo would not be what it is today without you.

XDC London

We held our first international Xojo Developer Conference in London at the end of April. I can’t emphasize enough what an excellent event XDC London was. Sessions ranged from Android hands-on training, to creating a multi-language UI, plus panel discussions about AI and informative talks from Xojo engineers and experts. Read the XDC breakdown to get links to videos and more. We also had quite a few great meals, one questionable pub dining experience and no one got lost in the Underground.

Xojo Android

It’s been years in the making! After a few false starts and dead ends, we are incredibly excited to have delivered Android support for Xojo in August 2023. Because so much of Android is all-new, the Android support is considered Beta, similar to how we introduced Cocoa and 64-bit support years ago. But, even though it is Beta, we have several users who have Xojo-made Android apps in the Play Store and others who have created Xojo Android apps that are being tested by their own users. Android support is improving with each release and we even added Barcode scanning for Android in Xojo 2023r4, debuting it in Android before it appears on other platforms in 2024. You can read all about what’s new in Xojo Android on the Xojo Blog. With iOS and now Android, it’s never been a better time to make mobile apps with Xojo!

New to Xojo, Inc.

In November 2023 we welcomed a new Marketing Manager to Xojo, April Baynes. You can reach out to April if you have an idea for a webinar or video topic. Additionally, we’ve brought on help to polish the Xojo Documentation and Introduction to Xojo Programming textbook. You can look forward to seeing the results of that in the coming months.

Xojo, The Technical Stuff

Xojo itself has also reached some technical achievements….

In additional to all that, the Xojo team has kept hard at work squashing hundreds of bugs throughout 2023. We continue to spend two weeks per release cycle working on bugs that do not necessarily meet the regular criteria. If you have a showstopper bug that you cannot work around, please contact us – our team may be able to help you or escalate it. A huge and sincere thank you to everyone who took time to report Issues and help us troubleshoot. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable in making Xojo better.

From all of us at Xojo, Inc. to all of you in the global Xojo community, thank you! May 2024 bring you peace, joy and great coding with Xojo.