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The Xojo Showcase

We created the Xojo Showcase to, well, showcase the broad variety of apps made in Xojo. Want to get more eyes on your latest Xojo app? Upload your Xojo-made app to the Xojo Showcase. Whether it’s a Desktop, Web, Mobile or Raspberry Pi app, commercial, personal or educational, anything developed in Xojo can be added. Upload screenshots, add a description of the app, point to a promotional video, include a direct link to your website, the app’s webpage and a download link. There isn’t an easier way to spread awareness of your latest Xojo app!

Leisurely scroll through the alphabetically listed apps in the Showcase to see what can be made with Xojo. From AcaStat, an easy to use data analysis tool for Windows and Mac, to VersionTracker, a tool to help developers maintain and create version history logs, the Showcase includes apps of all kinds. Search by Category or Platform for something specific. Spend some time in Galactic Quizmaster, pack for your next trip with Packr, perfect your next project with Joint Angle or learn to surf with Sally’s Surf School, all Xojo-made Mobile apps you can find in the Showcase. It’s no surprise the largest group is Desktop apps- from ClaroRead, a simple, flexible and easy to use text-to-speech app for dyslexia, to Lifeboat, to help you deploy and manage Xojo Web apps on Linux servers, to UHMMM, which will auto-play elevator music when online meetings go silent, there are too many to list – good thing there’s a Showcase for them!

The purpose of the Showcase is twofold, to exhibit what can be done with Xojo and to promote what you have done with Xojo! We regularly share apps from the Showcase on Xojo’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as in occasional Xojo Newsletters. There isn’t a quicker way to introduce your app to a new audience!

I look forward to seeing your newest Xojo-made app in the Xojo Showcase!