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Monthly Webinars Expand Your Xojo Programming Skills

At Xojo we continually look to improve our skills and we are happy to be offering opportunities for everyone in the Xojo community to upgrade their skills too. At least once a month we are hosting new webinars. Webinars cover a variety of valuable topics, including getting started with Xojo, developing web apps, iOS development tips and the basics of using our newest platform, Android.

Recently, Xojo CEO Geoff Perlman hosted a webinar about object-oriented programming. Also, Greg O’Lone hosted Xojo iOS Projects: Unlocking the Magic of Auto-Layout and Constraints that you can watch anytime from YouTube. Upcoming topics include Developing Android Apps with Xojo and A Deeper Look at Android.

Find all upcoming Xojo webinars listed at the Xojo website, scroll down to see recent webinars that you can watch on-demand. Check out the Xojo YouTube channel to watch all our previous webinars and find hundreds of other Xojo-related videos.

Your growth and success as a Xojo user is a priority to us. If you have a suggestion for a specific webinar topic or are interested in participating as a guest speaker, please reach out to us. See you at the next Xojo webinar!

William Yu grew up in Canada learning to program BASIC on a Vic-20. He is Xojo’s resident Windows and Linux engineer, among his many other skills. Some may say he has joined the dark side here in the USA, but he will always be a Canadian at heart.